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Journal:   RISALATUT-TAQRIB   2010 , Volume - , Number 78; Page(s) 71 To 84.


Author(s):  AZARSHAB M.A.*

The civilization backwardness is meant Ummah's getting away from participation or sharing, in pushing the human movement on the way of development, creativeness, richness, and prosperity in all the fields and aspects of human life.
In fact, the Islamic Ummah has been? the pioneer in these advanced fields through the prosperous civilizatory centuries. Yet, it has very quickly passed through the way of this prosperity after practicing the Islamic experience. Then many factors have occurred, which led to the deterioration of the civilization and decline since the seventh century. The Muslim Ummah's civilization has declined after the age of colonialism. Then it has no longerany good status in these fields. But, in order to be acquainted with the relationship of the state of civilizatory backwardness. With the sectarianism in our Islamic world we will shed light first on some views and opinions which analyzed this backwardness, and demonstrated its backgrounds and its basic factors. Then we try to clarify and delineate its results, especially, that is connected with the state of sectarianism.
Nevertheless, Shar'i denominationalism is the manifestation خf the civilization which is encouraged and spread by Islam, and it has educated the Ummah on it, it has called for contemplation, thinking, and ijtihad as well as viewing. But sectarianism is really produced by the civilization backwardness in the society.
Hence, the process of taqrib (rapprochement) does not separate from the process of recommencement of the march of the Islamic civilization. lt is maintained that all those who have called for taqrib (rapprochement) have also called for the return of the Ummah to the arena of active life, and the civilizatory movement.

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