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Journal:   ROSTANIHA   2008 , Volume 9 , Number SUPPLEMENT 2; Page(s) 1 To 73.


Author(s):  FRITSCH R.M., ABBASI M.

The type plant of Allium akaka S.G. Gmelin ex Roem. & Schult. was probably collected in the mountains west of Bandar Anzali. Here plants fitting the original description are extant, and one was selected as epitype. This taxon in the strict sense is not conspecific with A. latifolium Jaub. & Spach, and is morphologically well separable from topo-typical plants of A. haemanthoides Boiss. & Reut. ex Regel. Therefore, A. haemanthoides and A. shelkovnikovii Grossh. were excluded from the A. Akaka alliance. Only the minor part of the very diverse material subsumed under A. haemanthoides sensu Wendelbo belongs to this species in the strict sense. The majority of material differs conspicuously and was affiliated to three newly described species, Allium zagricum R.M. Fritsch, A. ubipetrense R.M. Fritsch, and A. austroiranicum R.M. Fritsch. Differing leaf color, length and shape of tepals, as well as relative length, shape and color of filaments were used as key characters. Only distantly related are the newly described A. materculae subsp. graveolens R.M. Fritsch and A. hamedanense R.M. Fritsch. All these taxa belong to subg. Melanocrommyum (Webb et Berthel.) Rouy sect. Acanthoprason Wendelbo in the narrow sense, comprising now 13 species and subspecies. A key for determination of the species and subspecies of this section is presented. Several Allium accessions belonging to other taxonomic groups could not be affiliated to known taxa and were newly described: A. saralicum R.M. Fritsch, A. bisotunense R.M. Fritsch, A. keusgenii R.M. Fritsch, and A. moderense R.M. 2 R.M. Fritsch and M. Abbasi Fritsch (subg. Melanocrommyum sect. Melanocrommyum); A. jesdianum subsp. remediorum R.M. Fritsch (subg. Melanocrommyum sect. Megaloprason); A. aznavense R.M. Fritsch, A. clivorum R.M. Fritsch, and A. abbasii R.M. Fritsch (subg. Allium sect. Allium); and A. dolichovaginatum R.M. Fritsch (subg. Allium sect. Longivaginata). Lectotypes were designated for A. straussii Bornm. and A. haussknechtii Nab.

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